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As a school we wholeheartedly believe that our role is to ensure that the children who attend Lympne School ‘Grow Together and Branch Out’.

As such we believe that one of our principle roles is to open the eyes and hearts of our pupils to the world of possibilities that lies before them and to encourage them to marvel in the excitement and beauty of life itself.

More than anything we want our children to leave our school with the confidence and skills they need to approach the next exciting step in their lives –whatever and wherever that lies.

Curriculum Intent


‘I have come that you may have life and have it to the full’

( John 10:10)

At Lympne Primary School, the aim of our inspirational curriculum, is to provide ALL pupils with the knowledge and ‘cultural capital’ that they need to succeed in life. We are determined that all pupils will leave our school being independent, creative learners, with enquiring minds, and the strength of character to be resilient and confident. We aim to ensure that all of our pupils have embedded and secure knowledge, and wisdom to draw upon in the next stage of their lives, but also with their eyes and hearts open to a further world of knowledge and opportunity.

In order for all of our pupils to achieve our desired ‘end points’ and potential, as well as academic success, as they complete their time with us, we ensure that our rigorous framework of progressive skills and knowledge allows all children to delve deeper into their learning and achieve our aspirational goals. Our bespoke, broad, rich and deep curriculum is led from our unique context- both geographical and demographic, drawing upon the skills and knowledge that the pupils already own, and those they aspire to know and aquire. We aim to provide our children with practitioners who hold the best pedagogy and subject knowledge to enable all pupils to thrive, deepen their learning and progress to their end points effectively.

At the heart of our inspiring curriculum, lie our Christian values. Through our driven focus on these values, we provide a nurturing, safe environment, where wellbeing is of utmost importance and where all pupils develop the necessary and invaluable life skills the need to succeed. We intend that they are confident to take risks, have a go without risk of failure, supportive and forgive each other and develop a happy, healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

In doing so, we strive for each pupil to leave our school, a well rounded citizen with a clear understanding of fundamental British Values, an ignited curiosity and a passion for life-long learning and growing.

 Alongside these values, we believe passionately in the importance of phsyical exercise and involvement in sport to foster character; mental and physical wellbeing and academic and are proud of our successes in this area.

Key Aims

  • We clearly establish what all pupils know and the skills that they hold, in order for us to effectively plan their next steps. This enables us to create a pupil-led, responsive and bespoke curriculum, considerate of all children’s needs and starting points.
  • We aim for all pupils to recognise, through positive adult reinforcement, and systematic, targeted teaching, that reading, because we like reading, is one of the hallmarks of civilised adult life. This then supports and leads to all pupils, developing effective communication skills.
  • We provide a high quality, broad, rich, deep and progressive curriculum, delivered by skilled practitioners, which enables all pupils to be measured against explicit skills and knowledge in all subjects, linking and connecting principles and ideas, leading to academic success.
  • In order for us to ensure that the curriculum is progressive and sequential, we have a challenging framework which is mapped out across all year groups, in all subjects and is underpinned by our Christian Values: Love, Endurance, Awe and Friendship.
  • We encourage and organise our curriculum so that ALL subjects are valued and as such we require our pupils to produce work across all curriculum areas which is of a consistently high quality.
  • We use our immediate and local environment sympathetically, teaching all our pupils to respect and care for it, as they look at the world in awe.
  • We ensure that physical exercise and sport provide a cornerstone for the foundations of our curriculum and for the mental and phsyical wellbeing of our children.
  • In order to achieve excellence, as well as consistency and high quality delivery, we provide an ongoing, responsive programme of relevant CPD; ensuring that teachers are provided with subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge.
  • Our aim and intent is that our curriculum will ensure that all pupils leave us brimming with self-confidence and belief that anything is possible; that the world is their oyster and that they can achieve anything that they want to.
  • As a school we aim to regularly review and monitor our curriculum to ensure it is fit for purpose; meets the aims set out above and is in keeping with our distinctly Christian vision.


 At present we are embarking on a total overhaul of our school curriculum which has been part of our School Improvement Plan since last year. Please click here to see a timeline of what we expect to have reviewied and when, in preparation for implementation of a new curriculum.

The curriculum listed below provides an outline of how things have been structured and organised in the past up until this year, as well as some adaptations for our new curriculum - as such it is a hybrid curriculum at present.

By the end of this academic year our aim is to build on the strengths of our existing curriculum and yet have an even more rich and varied curriculum; progressive in nature that meets the needs of all of our pupils.



Art 2020   Yr1+2    Yr3+4    Yr5+6   

Computing 2020 Yr1+2  Yr3+4  Yr5+6

Design Technology 

DT2020 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6


Geography 2020 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 2020

Yr1+2  Yr3+4 Yr5+6

History History 2020 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6

Maths Yr 1   2      5   6

PE   PE 2020 Yr1+2   Yr3+4   Yr5+6

Music    Music 2020 Yr1+2  Yr3+4 Yr5+6

MFL 2020    MFL 3+4

MFL 2020    MFL 5+6

RE 2020 RE


School Phonics arrangements

Letters and Sounds

Reading 2020 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6

Science    Science 2020 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6

Writing Writing 2020 Yr1+2 Yr3+4 Yr5+6