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School Improvement Priorities


As a school we regularly review and evaluate ourselves and the education we are providing for our pupils in order that we can ensure we are offering the very best we possibly can.

Once we have analysed the strengths and weaknesses we then develop a School Improvement Plan (SIP) which clearly outlines the steps we will be taking to ensure the school moves forward and achieves the goals we have set ourselves.

This year the school has five very clear aims and each year will consult staff, parents and the wider community regarding the key priorities for the school.

1. Leadership and Management - To ensure that new systems, processes and policies are embedded across the school.

2. Teaching, Learning and Assessment - To ensure the quality of teaching improves across the school and that there is consistency and good quality from year to year in terms of delivery and content.

3. Outcomes - To ensure outcomes for all pupils improve across the school so that they are at least at national levels.

4. Personal, Development, Behaviour and Welfare - To embed changes in policy and procedures to ensure pupils well being and safety is high.

5. Christian Character - To ensure that the vision, values and aims of the school are embedded in every area.